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Boost tree health, vitality and resistance to disease through better soil structure and drainage using our innovative and effective approach to tree care

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GeoTree offers a new and highly effective way of improving tree health, vitality and resistance to disease.

We use the latest techniques and products working in the soil around your trees to improve the function and ecology of tree soil and roots in a natural and sustainable way. This way of working with trees has been extensively trialled, tested and developed over recent years. Kew Gardens use these same methods as a key part of their tree care program.

Geo Tree promotes the health of trees and resistance to disease and stress. We work on trees in just about any situation from gardens and parkland to roadside and development sites, with many private and commercial clients.

Give your trees what they need for long term health and vitality.

We also provide Air Spade services. Using the Air Spade and vacuum extraction we can work in ‘no-dig’ areas on development sites around protected trees and for other root investigation work.

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Air Spade

Biochar Soil Inoculation



Who we help…

  • Local Authorities
  • Tree Consultants
  • Landscape Architects
  • Garden Designers
  • Arboretums
  • Tree & Garden Owners
  • Builders and Developers

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The majority of tree health problems are linked to deficiencies in the soil

Compacted soils cannot support a healthy soil biome which impacts the health of any plants or trees growing in that soil

Adding biochar to the rootzone increases tree growth, vitality and resistance to disease

Mycorrhizal fungi are essential to any healthy soil – boosting the nutrients available to shrubs and trees

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