Decompaction – the importance of good soil structure

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Soil becomes compacted when too much weight forces the natural air and water fissures that are vital to a healthy soil to collapse and close. This can happen in parks, gardens and woodlands as well as on development sites and public open spaces.

There are several negative consequences that arise from a compacted soil. Drainage becomes an issue and waterlogging may occur. Grass, shrubs and trees will not be able to Air, water and nutrients will be less available to grass, shrubs and trees  and their health and vitality will decline.  Disease problems such as Phytophthora root rot are more likely to occur.

Geo Tree has an effective solution. We use the Vogt Geo Injector to  insert  probe into the soil to a depth of up to 1 meter and  use compressed air to decompact and open up the soil.  This has an immediate and positive effect on soil structure allowing air and water to move through more freely. Increased microbial activity will follow and the soil can begin to live and breathe again