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GeoTree offers a new and highly effective way of improving tree health, vitality and resistance to disease

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GeoTree was set up in 2021 by Matt Vaughan. Matt began in the world of tree work in 1987 working as a tree surgeon. He studied arboriculture at Merrist Wood College and went on to set up a successful tree work business based near Thame in Oxfordshire.

Matt is still a director of Four Seasons Tree Care which continues to provide a valued and trusted service to many clients in the area. Whilst there will always be a need for tree surgery works it became clear to Matt that trees often need a different approach if they are to thrive in sometimes less than ideal environments. In fact most tree health problems begin in the soil and rooting environment. This cannot be addressed by conventional tree surgery practice.

At GeoTree we use the Vogt Geo Injector to work directly with the soil and tree roots to enhance the soil and root function and in turn the health, vitality and disease resistance of trees. Matt is passionate about maintaining and improving the health of trees in a sustainable and natural way. He brings a lifetime of working with trees and combines it with the latest technology for the benefit of our trees across many situations from new planting sites to parks and gardens.

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