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Air Spade works & root investigation

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We provide a range of Air Spade services:

Air Spade work on construction sites. We use Air Spades to work in  ‘no dig’ areas around protected trees. We can also use vacuum extraction in conjunction with the air spade to improve efficiency for longer or deeper trench runs.

Root Investigation. We use Air Spades to carefully expose tree roots without causing damage to them.  This may be required on development sites in order to inform the design and siting of foundations and built structures close to protected trees.

Root Collar Inspection.  The Air Spade is the perfect tool to remove soil around the root collar of trees without damage.  This can allow for inspection of the buttress area for signs of disease and decay.  It can also be used as part of a strategy to reduce the effects of Honey Fungus on trees and to prevent new infections.

Tree Health Boost.  We often use an Air Spade to break up the surface layers of soil around trees. The soil is usually flocculated to a depth of around 150 mm and then a dressing of composted mulch is added as a top dressing. Biochar and various other bio stimulants can be added too, where required.  This is always beneficial to tree growth and vitality.